At its essence, Investor Relations is simple.  IR is the process of explaining how a company makes money.  Investor Relations has evolved from an administrative afterthought to an essential corporate function that helps publicly traded companies compete for investment capital.  When key messages about a company’s operations, financial performance and strategic direction are understood by targeted audiences, the company can realize lower costs of debt and equity capital.

At Sharpe Capital Communications, we keep Investor Relations simple.  We help you communicate consistently and credibly with domestic and international investors.  On a project basis or as retained counsel, we have the experience, skills and enthusiasm to deliver measurable results – effectively, efficiently and affordably. 

  Investor Relations Flow Chart

Sharpe Communications can extend the reach of busy CFOs and CEOs.  We help you stay focused on running and growing your business by fielding those repetitive, granular inquiries from external audiences.  With our extensive experience in communicating important messages to sophisticated audiences, we are an accessible, trustworthy intermediary for delivering consistent, credible information to investors about your company and its industry.

 We use proprietary databases to identify and reach out to investors who take positions in businesses with your company’s fundamental profile – industry; market capitalization; market share; revenue, earnings, EBITDA and/or debt trends; and other income, growth or value characteristics.

 Over the years, we have drafted and distributed countless news releases and slide decks, and produced and managed hundreds of investor presentations, one-on-one meetings, investor conference calls, investor days, and annual meetings for client companies with diverse operations, ownership structures and investment characteristics.

Yet, those activities are simply means to the primary, strategic goal of supporting and/or building value for client companies.


  • For a New York Stock Exchange-listed telecommunications company, our targeting initiatives and fundamental
    IR activities increased sell-side research coverage from zero to seven firms in less than two years.  The company’s stock price appreciated from the mid-teens to the mid-40s.
  • For an NYSE-listed utility holding company, we developed and led presentations to analysts and portfolio managers that drove institutional ownership from 22% to 35% and increased sell-side research reports from
    12 to 17 in three years.

  • For an NYSE-listed speciality  finance/diversified investment company, our targeting analysis and investor-meeting management increased awareness of our client with United Kingdom and Middle East institutions.
    Six months later, our client’s stock price had increased fourfold.

  • For a Nasdaq-listed medical laboratory and research client, we revised its investor fact sheet, and simplified strategic messaging to focus on revenue and operating income growth, margin improvement, and lower debt levels.  Investor conference presentations were boosted by three through short-term targeting initiatives.  The company’s stock price doubled in six months.