Today’s prolonged economic uncertainty is no time to cut back on communications programming.

On the contrary, market turbulence can present opportunities to expand brand reputation and awareness; to highlight the depth, breadth and quality of your management team; and to underscore messages of financial strength and flexibility, and corporate value.

More than ever before, now is the time to integrate your organization’s corporate and investor communications, to ensure that you speak with one voice to customers, investors, employees, media, suppliers, regulators and legislators.

Candidly, strategic communications initiatives are not integrated overnight. There is no single way to integrate a comprehensive program. Regardless of the approach, the essential common ingredient to success is a team of senior managers who recognize that effective, integrated communications can differentiate an organization and contribute to long-term value creation.

Researchers at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, recently completed a study on best practices in integrating communication disciplines at U.S. corporations. The study concluded, “Integrating corporate communication disciplines…can take a couple of years to transition from coordinating tasks (to) working with one mindset…but it’s well worth the effort. Consistent messages protect and strengthen your brand, help maintain credibility in a market that needs restored confidence and, ultimately, create value for your company and its (constituencies).”

At Sharpe Capital Communications, we listen and research first to determine paths that work best for your organization; then we take action.  Together with your team, we identify your communications baseline, determine realistic goals, develop strategy, implement tactics, and measure results.  Put the experience, skills and enthusiasm of Sharpe Capital Communications to work integrating your strategic communications.



  • We have managed effective financial media relations for companies in three industries and are responsible for dozens of successful placements, including CEO and executive interviews with The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Television, as well as other major media outlets.

  • For a $10 billion regional bank holding company, we created a successful monthly newsletter with circulation of 10,000 corporate clients and media that underscored the bank’s standing as an authority in Pacific Northwest economic research.​​

  • For a Fortune 50 technology manufacturer, we produced the company’s first Community Involvement Report. Through photographs and narrative summaries, the publication highlighted employee support of state and local non-profit and social service organizations. The report also listed total payroll, state and local taxes, subcontracts and purchasing in 10 states with major operations, enhancing the company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen and providing a valuable tool in state and local government relations.